Thursday, December 4, 2008

In A World... Where We Were Awesome!

The last In A World... show was tuesday night and it was awesome! Such a fun class! I can't say enough good things about everyone in it. I learned so much from performing wth such a great cast of people, and I am extremely proud of both teams (especially mine)!

Here are some of my favorite moments from both groups:

Stephen: We've got to do something about this war between the Bloods and the Blues.

Stephen: We can mix Christmas with religion!

Dan being killed for watching Threes Company.

Joey as a crazy thug.

Katey: (as Anton Chekhov) Always pack a suit, even if you think you wont need it.

Hallie: Gah! I had another neighborhood watch flashback!

Johnny: Attention Yale students! There are lions loose!
Curtis: Well, one of these books should have the answers we need.

Also, I got to establish myself as Isaac Asimoff and James McAvoy.

Gosh, I miss this class already.

1 comment:

FrequencyDown said...

What about "Math, a fool's map"

I'm paraphrasing what you said but it made me laugh so fucking hard.

That and you named your child Poppy.